Liferay is a open source portal (portal server) developed since year 2000. Technologicaly, it is created in program language Java on platform Java EE and develop insist on standards (JSR 286, 168, 170, …).

In regard of development platform it’s possible to use LIiferay and on it based products on all basic servers, operation and database systems. Liferay can cooperate with many technologies, for Example AJAX, jBPM, IDEfaces, Spring, Lucene, Hibernate, Velocity, and others.

Orientation on POA is base for choice integration existing applications, which you instant use, as accounting applications, human resource management systems and others.

Liferay by itself offer many funcion, throught which it is possible to create portal solutions very easy, without integration, programing and mostly without edits in configuration’s files.

This portal solution is based on Java portlet’s technology. Portlets are, laic said, parts bpages, which is possible to use on pages. Development of portal consist in creating of pages and adding portlets on pages. Liferay (alreadz in base concept) have available more than 60 portlets (photogalleries, blogs, discus forums, chats, wikis, …) and on wish of customer let implement portlets with special functionality. Liferay care about look of pages in design of portal or company, management of access privileges, or navigation.

Through Liferay it is possible to create web solutions., own intra- and extranets, informations systems, social networks, …

Very important  function of Liferay is clustering users into groups or hierarchical structures. Users can have in Liferay different  roles, they can acts as individual user, thay can be members of community or organization. Every role give to user others access privileges. In community there are users, which (from business view) solve some problem or work together on special work. Organisation have unlike community strict define hierarchic structure and if users in organisation have some spacial localization, this type of organization called Location.

Now Liferay support more then 20 languages, so you can very easy localised your solution.

Liferay is a tool, which help you not only as web portal, but allow you to share information intre-plant, facilitate your indenture kommunication in company, support kooperation not only in your company but between your company and other companies.