Document management system

Organizations with a hierarchical organizational structure are characterized by the need for group work, intensive exchange and controls the amount prescribed business documents. Conventional methods of isolation of processing documents on paper and unstructured electronic documents will soon become a bottleneck in the enterprise. Everyone, who came into contact with the office, agency, or even with their own information system, must reflect on how best and effectively manage the flow of documents and their storage.

Electronic document processing appears today as the only form that allows the handle very large volumes and types of documents, while maintaining its rapid availability, transparency and verifiability. Effective deployment of such a system would require the use of adequate methodologies and technologies that enable smooth, gradual transition to the whole organization more powerful and more economical method of processing electronic administration.

Deployment of solutions for document management from vendor, however, provides not only perfectly mastered the technology, but also the orientation of the environment and administration of legislation inside the company.

One solution to meeting the stringent criteria imposed on the system for administration and management of documents is also a comprehensive range of products by Global 360.