Analysis of appearance emergency events

Desktop application , which allows graphical and text representation possibility of appearance emergency events and their analysis on territory of Slovak Republic.

What is emergency event?

 Emergency event is a situation, which may have, or have, an adverse impact on people, environment or property. As an example, natural disasters, accidents or disasters.

Segmentation of territory od Slovak Republic in territorial districts

Territory of Slovak Republic  may divide in territorial districts on three different levels, concrete municipalities, cantons and regions. The application allows for the selected level, based on the entered and calculated values ​​to determine probabilities of selected incidents for each level of the territorial districts.

Data needes for detetrmine probability measure of appearance emergency events

Data needs for computing probability measure appearance emergency events, as well as information about individual emergency events together with information needes for displaying are stored in database. Application in them integrate module for editation, through which it is possible data stored in database to administrate.

Computing and different view of probability measure of appearance emergency events

Based on data stored in database as well as data entered by usesr in application (choice of appearance emergency, choice level of display, choise of territorial districts) is computing value, that represent probability measure of appearance user-choices emergecy events in user-choices territorial district. This value is displaying for choices territorial district graphically on the map  as percentage value locate in color circle. Color of circle illustrate, how critical is value of probability measure of appearance emergency events.

Beyond graphical representation of probability measure of appearance emergency events on the map, application allows textual representation of information (details) about user-choices territorial district. It is a short characteristic of territorial district and list of sub-districts with probability of appearance emergency events and weight of a given territorial district, for territorial district of  higher level (canton, region) else for territorial district of lower level (municipality) is displayed, instead of list of sub-districts, hierarchical structure of emergency events with probability of appearance and weight of emergency event. User has a choice to print not only textual information, but graphical representation too.

Application allows a choise to display a teble overview of all territorial districts on given level. In this overview, there is weight of territorial district with probaiblity measure of appearance user-choices emergency events (expressed as percentage value).

Software for application development

On implementation of application was used development enviroment Java, database was created in PostgeSQL (open-source software).

Extension of application on territories apart from Slovak Republic

Application for appearrance of emergency events is designed so that it is not bounded only on territory of Slovak Republic. Depending from data stored in database, it is possible to use application for another country, whether territory wherever on the world too, but they must have same levels of  territory district’s partition.