Global 360 Keyfile and FLOW

In integration with Global 360 FLOW can create workflow that defines and keeps track in real time the way documents are created, updated and approved.

Global 360 FLOW  is a combination of award-winning technology workflow and powerful information management and communication infrastructure that provided in Microsoft Exchange Server. This combination allows graphically createworkflows that automate business processes allows you to monitor processes and dynamically change the workflow on the fly and join trade unions of workflows across the enterprise. The Global 360 FLOW is possible to define the organizational structure and role.

Global 360 Keyfile allows you to manipulate various types of information e.g. forms, faxes, electronic mail, word processing files created, scanned photographs, voice and video recordings – and to effectively and inexpensively. Allows real time monitoring how documents are created, change, update, review and use.

Keyfile comes with plenty of powerful tools for search, allowing search by keyword,author, document name, or search the full text. Powerful version control system provides a precise overview of the history of any document and lets you choose any version of any document as required.

Subsorting capabilities and adaptation allow you to modify the appearance, behaviorand characteristics of storage keyfile documents, folders, baskets and tools without programming knowledge. Software Licensing keyfile is flexible and enables efficient software distribution.