Calling equipment system

Calling equipment system is determined for all companies, authorities and institutions, where come clients to request the same service and than is creating long queue of waiters.

If you want to afford your clients comfort, then the calling equipment system is the properly solutions, that bring you automation, more effectivity and enhancement your services. It brings more pleasent enviroment not only for your personnel, but your clients too. Clients will know exactly, when and on which workpace should appear.  This system is an advance for management too, because it provide transparent statistics about several workplaces, about number of served clients, … and in various intervals.

On calling equipment system it can look from more visions, from view of client, view of personnel, and from view of managenet.

View of client

The client chooses on the touch panel the desired service from a hierarchical structure of the provided services . The system assigns a client number for the service, and together with the current date and time it recorded and printed on the ticket, which takes the client from the terminal. The client then waits, until client does not see the number on the ticket with the number of workplace on indoor screen. Then the client search the workplace and on it, the client will be served.


View of personnel

To activate a workplace, choice of manually or automatically calling of clients

Every workstation has difined activities and acts, which is able to serve. After log in of responsible employee on given workplace, employee activates workpace and have a choice to choose between manually or automatically calling of clients.  (This setting is possible whenever during workong time change). If employee chooses automatically calling of clients, system, after completion of customer’s operating on workplace, automaticlly call seriately next client and employee this activity don’t perform manually. After the client is invoked, employee wait for a client on workplace.

What if the client doesn’t come to workplace?

While the client does’t come to workplace in some time interval, client is calling again. This invoking execute more time (number of repeated invoking is adjustable parameter of configuration) and after, if client doesn’t coem to workplace, either after the last calling, system notices the employee, that client doesn’t  come and asks for next action. If invoke client again, or cutt client from queue of waiter out and invoke next client.

Processing of client on workplace

If client come to the workplace, says to employee, what kind of service client want to request. If the client mistake and given workplace does’t client requested service, employee can forward client to another workplace, which can the client serve. If is client by right workplace, employee log on system kind of requested service and begin the client to serve.

During serving can employee detect, that client doesn’t have all needed documents to fill else some papers are missed. In this case, employee can some time delay processing of client, till client fill missed papers (in this case, client will be in some time interval calling again), but employee can forward client to another worlplace, where client wire for missed documents. In both cases, system call a next client (if someone is waiting in the queue), and it begin with client’s processing.

in a case. when client has all needed, client’s request is processing with employee. When request is processed, employee set for client the end of processing, but before ask to client, if he doesn’t have some else requests, which employee can process. If yes, client’s processing continue and employee process next request of client. If client does’nt have more requests, employee ending processing of client and it will be process the next client (if someone is waiting in th queue).

Breaking of client’s processing

If employee has set manually calling, after he can whenever workplace to deactivate, i.e. breaking of processing next clients on given workplace. It.s cases, when employee need a break.

View of management

For requirements of management, the calling equipment system integerate in itself statistics module too. By this module, management can get informations about processed requests accordance with services,  information about employee (number of processed clients, average time of processing, …), about system (run applications, log in a workplace, …) , … and it in daily or weekly overview.

It is possible adapt approach to client’s processing by actual situation (e. g. adapt number of served worplaces, …).

Adaptability of calling equipment system

Calling equipmnet system was designed universal so, that it can be adapt and use in different companies. It have easy configuration and it is possible addapt system to customer’s allegation.